New Product Updates!

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  • NP BM-901 Packaging Machine

    We are pleased to announce that we recently developed the most suitable and inexpensive packaging machine “BM-901” and started commercial production
  • Liquid Flavor Applicator

    Uniform coating by revolution and rotation system achieving a perfect coating liquid Seasoning for “Corn Puff, Roasted Snacks” and (Coated) Nuts” The Latest in liquid Seasoning Coating!!!
  • Downward Die Head

    Downward die head is an auxiliary device that can be used interchangeably with the direct die help of natural gravitational pull. it will lessen the pellet deformation
  • NP Bag Collator

    The best way to prepare your packaged products is to use the NP bag collator to do the job faster and lesser manpower.
  • NP Muti-layer Machine for E-Series

    Being creative is one of the NP’s greatest strength, because we love the attention so much, that’s why we developed this EMD 200, unlocking a new form of a multi-layer pellets.
  • Kneader Feeder for E-Series

    Kneader/Feeder is an important optional machine for E-Series snack pellet manufacturing line (E-Series Line). It can minimize undesirable happening of holes, roughness and/or uneven thickness of dough sheet.
  • Blast Type Snack

    The above Pellet Snack is seen on the commodity shelves of the Convenient Store even now with the support of consumers in Japan before the war. This Snack is a so-called "Blast-type" Pellet Snack, Fry or Roast at high temperature. Read more