NP's Total Packaging System

Packaging System

The New NP Total Packaging System is a fully automatic system for flavor application, packaging and boxing of the finished product. This system is a great improvement from our first NP Packaging System. This system require minimal to no human intervention other than pressing the start button. The System Utilizes FOUR YAMATO data weighing machines and four NP Packaging Machines with 4 Collators, which is two times or more faster than our previous packaging system.




The New Packaging System consist of Gantry, Lift Conveyor, Linear Feeder, Cross Feeder, Flavor Applicator Tumbler, Yamato Digital Data Weighing Machine 520, NP Packaging Machine and Box Collator. For further information, please refer by clicking each machine's picture.

Bucket Lift Conveyor BUCKET Conveyor


EDT-1000 Dryer Gantry

NP Linear Feeder

Linear Feeder

Cross Feeder

cross Feeder

Yamato Digital Weigher

digital Weigher


np PACKAGING Machine

Bag Collator Collator

Case packager Case Packager with collator