We are one of the leading Japanese Snack Maker who’s been in the business for more than 30 years. Our commitment is to make an Innovative, Unique yet Tasty snacks which we keep on improving through constant and continuous Research and Development of our team.

Since we always want to get our customer’s satisfaction, we have been working closely with them by introducing new items.  Lately, we have been launching new items almost every week so as to give our customers new ideas for their new product to introduce in the market.

We find ways to meet your demands. Though the years of expertise in pellet manufacturing, we can refer you to our affiliate companies worldwide which utilizes the same manufacturing techniques, promising the same product quality. It is our pleasure to serve you.


Established in 1976, N.P. & Company, Inc. has originated a great number of snack/confectionery production machinery, including the E-series "Ebisen or Shrimp Cracker" production line. One of the most typical production line we offer is the "Single Screw Extruder" that has been sold for more than 200 units and has been enjoying a high reputation among our customers in Asia, Middle East, Africa and in Eastern Europe.

Building Your Dreams through Engineering Excellence. World's Leading Snack Production Line