Flavoring & Seasoning System

Flavor Applicators


There are three different types of Flavor Applicator specifically design for every type of flavoring to be used. First is for standard powder seasoning of fried snacks. The second is for roasted snacks that need a bit of oil by way of spraying for the powder seasoning to stick with the product. Third is the liquid type of seasoning (soy sauce, slurry and etc.) We also cater your flavoring needs, aside from flavoring machines, we have our flavoring division that can offer you the best of any imaginable flavorings you may require. Please visit our site NP Foods Pte, Ltd.


FA-300 Flavor Applicator

Powder based flavoring system

FAO-300 Flavor Applicator

Oil based flavoring system

FAO-300 Flavor Applicator

syrup / Caramel flavoring system