Hot Air Roaster HAR-300 Batch Roasting System

In the Hot Air Roaster (convection roasting system), hign velociy hot air is generated by LP (Liquefied Petroleum) gas or LN (Liquefied Natural) gas continuously. This ensures even distribution of materials, and is good for semi-snack materials such as pellets, popcorn, and varieties of nuts. Temperature is strictly controlled at +0.5 to 1 degree celsius.



Power Requirement: 8 kW

Pellets - 150 to 250 kgs/hr depending upon type of pellet
Nuts - 80 to 100 kgs/hr depending on various conditions

6,000 mm (L) x 1,847 mm (W) x 2,368 mm (H)
Hot Air Tumbler: 494 mm dia. x 2,905 mm (L)
Sand Tumbler: 494 mm dia. x 2,905 mm (L)

LNG / LPG Burner:
40,000 kcal x 1; 50,000 kcal x 1

Estimated Gas Consumption:
Pellets - About 7.5 kgs/hr

EF-400 Batch Fryer w/ Flavoring System