EF-400 Batch Fryer w/ Flavoring System

The EF-400 Batch Fryer uses a centrifugal action in removing excess oil of the fried snacks, retaining 17% - 20% oil content, defeating the traditional continuous fryers that reduces excess oil but retaining 26% - 30% oil content. It is also equipped with a Flavor Applicator that applies powder seasoning to the snack continuously and uniformly. Making it a one pass operation.



Power Requirement:
8 kW

Fryer Capacity:
300 kgs/hr

Basket (Fryer) Capacity: 4kgs/batch

Flavor Applicator Capacity: 200 kgs/hr to 250 kgs/hr

Total Dimension:
7,300 mm (L) x 3,000 mm (W) x 3,400 mm (H)

Type of Burner:
Power Source 380V, 3Ph, 50 Hz

EF-400 Batch Fryer w/ Flavoring System