CF-500 Continuous Fryer

Continuous Frying System is designed to fry semi-snack materials such as pellets and varieties of nuts. Vegetable oil is heated via vertical heat exchanger which fries food faster compared to horizontal one. Frying temperature and time are adjustable through the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Panel.



Power Requirement:
6.3 kW

Capacity: Approx.
350 kgs/hr to 600 kgs/hr (depending on the pellet)

Frying Kettle:
161 L of oil holding

Total Volume of Oil in the system:
525 L

Total Dimension:
8,182 mm (L) x 3,826 mm (W) x 3,104 (H)

Heat Exchanger Dimension:
1,220 mm (Dia) X 2,992 mm (H)

CF-500 Continuous Fryer