3D Pellets (Double Layer) Manufacturing Line
EDS-200/EDS-400 Pellet Dryer Separator

The Dryer Separator is an enclosed pellet tumbler rotating at about 50 RPM. It is equipped with a hot air recirculation system for drying the pellets. Formed dough strips from the Forming Machine tumble inside the roating tumbler while they are dried by the recirculating hot air. Heat is provided a steam coil heat exchanger and temperature is regulated by a digital temperature controller. The tumbler is inverter-controlled and is equipped with flights to effectively tumble the pellets. The end of the tumbler is perforated and collects fine debris generated during the separation process.



200 kgs/hr

Power Requirement:
5.8 kW

Steam Consumption:
270 kgs/hr

6,540 mm (L) x 2,990 mm (W) x 5,400 mm (H)

EDS-200/EDS-400 Pellet Dryer Separator